Our Method

Why we believe XR technologies are great for language learning?

XR technologies are growing rapidly, and many educational institutions already use some form of XR to facilitate learning in classrooms. Immersive learning devices are a particularly invaluable resource for language instruction.

Through immersive technology, students can be exposed to more than just the grammar and vocabulary of a language. In addition to strengthening the connection between teachers and students, immersive technology can create a more authentic learning experience. XR is designed to be engaging: With the addition of flashcards and worksheets, students can enjoy learning a language and practicing their skills with technology. Instead of being traditional instructors, teachers are able to serve as guides and connect with the students through technology.

Technology can be a transformative supplement to activities such as classroom role-playing.  XR combines the benefit of a technology supplement with the value of ‘real world’ conversations. With immersive technology, students can practice their language skills online in an environment where they do not need to be scared of mistakes, embarrassment, or judgment. The technology can facilitate personalized learning where students are encouraged to connect with and contextualize the material. When students understand not just what they’re learning but why, teachers are better able to teach and students are more enthusiastic about learning.

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