CieloXR attends the VR for Education Meetup.

Last month, CieloXR CEO Denis Ocampo and I made our first appearance at the VR in Education Meetup here in NYC.

The VR in Education meetup is organized by Jessica Ochoa Hendrix and Leah Potter and has 551 members. From the “What we’re about” section on their meetup page:

This Meetup is for people who are interested in developing VR for educational purposes and for teachers who are interested in piloting! For users, designers, developers and those interested in the space, we will hold monthly gatherings for people to show prototypes, share challenges and brainstorm solutions.”

The meetups take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Usually their meetups are centered around a demonstration, but because this was Christmas the meetup featured a meet and greet session in the offices of Electric Fun Stuff. I had the chance to chat with Jessica about her work in VR with her company Killer Snails, which aims “to bring science out of the laboratory and into classrooms and living rooms”. She talked about some of the challenges with bringing VR into the classroom:

“We used the Google Cardboard. Kids, especially teenagers, are very sef-conscious, especially with their friends around. They don’t want their friends making fun of them when they’re wearing some bulky headset. With cardboard they can easily jump in and out of the experience, to supplement whatever they’re learning.”

The meetup ended up with the 20 or so attendees talking about their relationship to VR/AR and education, with suggestions for upcoming meetups and how to grow VR/AR in the development community and the learning community generally. Overall, it was a very engaging and inspiring meetup and the CieloXR team will certainly be attending more of these meetups in the future.

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